Season 2017

The TCE program Series

What did the TCE Series?
It's an international Championship that takes place on 5 prestigious circuits in Europe! Races of 12 and 24 with type sedan cars. Several categories based on the displacement of the car and the type of engine (petrol or diesel)

In which category we compete?
We are part of the GT4 group which is the group with the most technologically advanced cars. This is a recent category which is in full booms which promises a plateau provides and noted.

Why did you choose this Championship?
We just won the national championship (TTE) with the Seat Leon on runs of 4 and 6 h. The next logical step was to spend on longer races with a more advanced car.

What targets for 2017?
We are competitors, and we are aiming for first place. It is a goal that we strive to achieve as quickly as possible while remaining lucid because we will start in this new League with a new car!

Or are we in the preparation for the season?
The car arrived on 12 December in the workshops of the Mini Racing or we do a disassembly and a complete check-up of the Ginetta.
At the same time that we actively seek partners to meet this new challenge as well as drivers to support Philip and Cyril.

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Ranking TTE 2016
1st: Andrey Sport Events
2nd: turbo 2000 Sport
3rd: Chazel Competition

Classements 2017

Free Racing 
1. Pareit Rodolph
2. Diversay Franck
3. Andrey Sport Events   

Trophée Tourisme Endurance
1. Speed Car
2. Speed Car
3. Andrey Sport Events   

Ranking TTE 2016
1st: Andrey Sport Events
2nd: turbo 2000 Sport
3rd: Chazel Competition

Calendrier 2017

Round 1: England
01-02 / 04: 24 h Silverstone

Round 2: France
21-22 / 04:12 h Magny - course

Round 3: Italy
08-09 / 07: 24 h Misano

Round 4: Spain
02-03 / 09: Barcelona 24 hours

Round 5: Belgium
06-07 / 10:12 h Spa